Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

These terms and conditions form the basis of the contract through which the Society Of Registered Safety Professionals (“SORSP”, “we” or “us”) will deliver membership services (the “Services”) to you as a member of SORSP (“SORSP individual member” or “you”).

SORSP is the safety institute for industry and organizations that provide products and services to them. We provide practical education, training, advice, networking and resources to help people and organizations manage the challenges they face.

Individuals may join as Affiliates, Associates, Members or Fellows through assessment of their level of practical professional experience. Students and Affiliates of SORSP do not go through an assessment process.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before applying to become an SORSP individual member. In consideration of us accepting your application to become an SORSP individual member and allowing you to access the site, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You should also note that these terms and conditions set out obligations to other SORSP individual members, and those SORSP individual members may be able to enforce their rights against you under these terms and conditions. Your attention is particularly drawn to the limitations and exclusions of liability set out in these terms and conditions.

  1. Membership Benefits

Membership of SORSP will provide you with one of four levels of individual membership: Affiliate, Associate, Member or Fellow.

As an SORSP member you will receive a wide range of benefits including:

  • Full access to the members’ area of SORSP website, sorsp.org (the “Site”);
  • A variety of resources to support your Continuing Professional Development including legal help line, technical helpline and SORSP’s Insight magazine;
  • For Associates and above, the right to use appropriate post-nominal letters denoting your level of membership;
  • Access to SORSP webinars and events
  • The ability to exchange knowledge and professional experiences with SORSP community.

NOTE: Membership packages may vary according to the level of individual membership.

We reserve the right to change the benefits that apply to SORSP membership at any time.

Any external providers of a benefit included within your membership package will have absolute discretion in relation to the provision of services, and membership of SORSP does not guarantee that the external provider will accept an application from an SORSP member for the provision of services.

We securely provide your personal data to the mailing house responsible for delivering membership documentation and printed magazines. If you do not want us to send your data to these third parties, please contact the Data Protection Officer at [email protected]  Services supplied by an external provider will be subject to the provider’s own terms and conditions, and we do not accept any liability for loss or damage suffered as a result of a fault, error or omission in the provision of these services.

We reserve the right to change our external providers at any time and our decision on services provided is final.

  1. The Individual Membership

To become an SORSP  ​individual member, follow the instructions on the membership pages of the Site. This application is an online process.

If you require the form in alternative formats please contact [email protected]

When you submit your online application to SORSP, or you fax, post, telephone, or email us with details of your application and you pay an application fee and subscription fee upfront, you are making an offer to subscribe to SORSP which, if accepted, will result in a legally binding contract. The application fee is non-refundable therefore if your application is not accepted for any reasons, you will lose the application fee but you will receive a refund for the subscription fee that you pay with your application form.

At the point of renewal of your individual membership, your renewal payment is confirmation of your continued acceptance of the Institute’s terms and conditions. Once the fee is paid, your subscription fee is non-refundable. You may not transfer your membership under these terms and conditions to another person.

Online Applications

For online applications you will either have sight of a confirmation page or receive an email. Acknowledgement that your application has been received and is being processed does not yet mean that your application has been accepted. Your individual membership with SORSP begins on the date when membership and any other fees have been paid in full.

Written/Verbal Applications

For applications made verbally or via a written application form or email, your individual membership will begin on the date we send your welcome pack. This will be sent out when all your documents have been received and assessed, and membership fees have been paid in full.

Membership renewals

If you are already an individual member and wish to renew your membership, please log in to the members’ area of the SORSP website and follow the instructions on how to renew in your profile. Do not complete the application form again as this may result in a duplicate membership record being create.

Lapsed memberships

If your individual membership has lapsed for a period of two years or more, you will be required to complete a new membership application form. It is not possible to reinstate lapsed memberships online.  Please contact SORSP team at [email protected] for support.

  1. Professional Development and Conduct

By proceeding with this application you are confirming that, as an Associate, Member or Fellow of SORSP, you will be committed to developing your SORSP competencies while contributing to the professionalism of the sector.  All individual members commit to maintain appropriate levels of CPD on joining the Institute and reaffirm their commitment on an annual basis.

SORSP ​ individual members (including Affiliates) also agree to abide by the SORSP COP (the “Code”). All Institute members sign up to this Code on joining, and reaffirm their commitment on an annual basis. Failure to adhere to the Code, resulting in a formal complaint made against you, may result in disciplinary procedures and/or the termination of your membership.

  1. Right to refuse applications or downgrade applications

We reserve the right not to fulfill, or to cancel, your application if we are unable to obtain payment authorization from the issuer of your credit/debit card or payment by other means.

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence which is not yet spent, or have a prosecution pending, this must be declared in writing. A declaration must also be made of insolvency or undercharged bankruptcy. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be taken into account if relevant.

If you’re individual membership application is accepted, but we subsequently discover that any or all of the information provided by you was misleading or false, we reserve the right to revoke your membership with immediate effect, without the right of appeal.

Membership levels and upgrades are processed by our assessment team. We reserve the right to downgrade an application if following an initial application it transpires the evidence we have received does not meet the assessment criteria. You have the right of appeal against the membership level offered if you believe it to be unjust as not reflecting the level of your professional SORSP experience. A review will be conducted with the decision of the assessment team then being final.

  1. Individual members’ obligations

As an SORSP individual member you warrant and represent to us and each other SORSP member that the following are and will be true each time that you access or use the Site and/or Services:

  1. you have all requisite power and authority to enter into and perform your obligations under these terms and conditions;
  2. there are no circumstances of which you should reasonably be aware which would prevent these terms and conditions from being and forming legally binding obligations upon you;
  3. your performance pursuant to these terms and conditions does not and will not conflict with or breach any constitutional document, agreement or Applicable Laws to which you are subject or by which you are bound;
  4. all the information which you submit to the Site is complete, reliable, accurate, free from errors, and not misleading in any way, and will not infringe any third-party rights;
  5. you have declared any unspent criminal convictions, insolvency or undischarged bankruptcy.
  6. you will not do, or omit to do, anything that might reasonably be expected to put us in breach of any Applicable Laws.

You will provide us promptly on request with all information that we may reasonably require from time to time in connection with your access to or usage of the Site.

  1. Cancellations and refunds

If you wish to cancel your individual membership you can inform us of your intention to cancel at any time. We are not able to offer part-refunds for uncompleted years.

Once renewal of your membership has occurred, it will still be possible to cancel your membership, but we will not be able to offer a refund.

  1. Price information

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that you will pay us the fees set out on the “Apply Online” pages of the Site. Fees displayed on this page – both for the annual individual membership fee and Application fee (if applicable) – will prevail at all times in relation to orders placed online.

Fees displayed on a hard-copy application form, or quoted to you by an SORSP representative, will prevail in relation to membership applications made verbally or by post.

You may make a one-off payment for a one-year membership, two years or three year membership subscription (new or renewal) by credit or debit card, in accordance with the payment information contained on the Apply Online page of our Site.

We reserve the right to increase the price of individual membership subscription annually, and any such amendments will be on the Application page of the Site.  If you are a current SORSP individual member, you will be informed of any fee increase in your renewal letter. If we discover an error in the price of your membership subscription, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Fees quoted are for individual membership only.

  1. Credit/debit card payment

If you are not using your own credit/debit card to pay for the membership fee, you must ask the permission of the credit/debit card holder before entering the payment details. If you agree to Gift Aid your membership you must use your own credit/debit card.

When you apply to become an SORSP member either online, by post or verbally, you are confirming that you have obtained the express prior permission of the credit/debit card holder.

  1. Termination

Without affecting any other rights and remedies which we may have and without liability to you for any losses which may result, we may terminate these terms and conditions:

  • immediately and without notice if,
  1. in our sole opinion, you materially breach any of these terms and conditions, or fail to adhere to the SORSP COE.
  2. you fail to renew your membership;
  3. you become bankrupt or insolvent;
  4. we are required by any applicable law to terminate these terms and conditions; or
  • at any time by giving you 7 days’ notice in writing.

On any termination of these terms and conditions your right to use the Site and the Services shall cease, and we may terminate your access to and use of the member only areas of the Site and Services and invalidate any relevant access details.

Termination for whatever reason of these terms and conditions shall not affect:

  • any rights, liabilities or obligations which accrued before such termination;
  • any right to payment of fees; and
  • any of these terms and conditions that are intended to continue to have effect after such termination.

The right of an individual member to use post-nominal letters (relevant to Associate, Member and Fellow level membership) will cease with immediate effect if a member falls into arrears on their membership subscription, cancels their membership or has their membership terminated by SORSP for any reason as set out above.

If we terminate your membership, you may appeal our decision to terminate by contacting [email protected] The matter will be referred to an independent third party chosen by us, and any decision they make regarding the termination of your membership will be considered final and binding.

  1. Variation

We may change these terms and conditions at any time upon giving you 14 days prior written notice. The most recent edition of these terms and conditions will be binding upon you.

Members may exit the contract without penalty if they do not accept any proposed variation.

  1. Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions override any contrary terms or contrary terms or conditions published in relation to any membership subscription between you and us.

  1. SORSP Brand

The “SORSP” trade mark is owned by us and nothing contained on the Site or these terms and conditions shall constitute the grant of a licence to use such trade mark, with the exception of the member logos available to download from the Member Area of the website.

Members may download and use the appropriate member logo for personal use.  If your membership lapses you must desist from using the member logo immediately.

  1. Queries, comments and complaints

We will respond to any complaint or query received within three-five working days. This may be an acknowledgement that we have received a complaint whilst further investigations are carried out.

If you have any queries, comments or complaints about your subscription please contact SORSP team on [email protected]


  1. Communication with you.

SORSP often may contact you by letter, email or phone about your membership status or to update you on industry news, branch activities, events and training.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you confirm that you are happy for us to contact you with the relevant and appropriate information that forms part of your membership benefits.

This does not affect your rights to withdraw consent at any time and you may update your preferences in MySORSP.

SORSP may outsource some or all of membership activities. In which case, we will securely provide your personal data to third parties if necessary for example to send your magazines or provide access to the healthandsafetyatwork.com website. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you confirm that you are happy for us to do so. This does affect your rights to withdraw consent at any time.

  1. Your personal data

It is SORSP’s priority to keep your records in the database securely and strictly controlled. In no circumstances do we disclose your personal details to any third parties without your written consent unless it is required by law, with the exception of the circumstances contained in these terms and conditions.

In order to renew your membership each year we will need to notify you in advance that your membership is due for payment. All renewals are sent to individual members by post.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you opt in to receiving details pertinent to the continuation of your membership.


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